Outcasters: Game Modes

November 26, 2020

From new levels to characters to game modes to customisation, we’ve been stuffing you full of Outcasters information nuggets lately. Well, this week we thought we’d give your brains a rest and give you a quick recap (and plenty of gameplay footage!) of the three game modes coming to Outcasters:


Our OG game mode, Last Caster Standing is an 8-person battle royale where you’ll be duking it out to be… well… the last Outcaster standing!

Just to make things a little harder, you’ll also have to contend with the shrinking Ring Of Doom which closes in on the centre of the map as the game time ticks by.

This game mode is absolute chaos from start to finish and you’ll need to keep your wits about you and think fast to come out on top. There’s only one winner in this game mode!


In Gold Rush, it’s two teams of four racing to be the first to bank 50 coins. You can pick up the coins that spawn around the map, or get your grubby little mitts on your enemies’ coins (assuming you knock them out first!)

Of course, Banking is where it gets a little trickier. The Bank will spawn periodically, but your team must capture and hold it to deposit your coins and the opposing team can capture it from you at any point.

Co-ordinate with your team to collect, bank and defend to score the W in Gold Rush!


If you read our blog from a couple of weeks ago, you’ll be well versed in what Team Battle has in store.

Two teams of four; first to 10 eliminations wins.

Sure, it might sound simple, but throw in that signature Outcasters chaos and you have a thrilling game mode that’s sure to challenge even the most seasoned of team deathmatch players.

There you have it; three game modes designed to test your curve-bending skills in very different ways, but all with a focus on fast-paced, frenetic, eight-player combat.

You’ll be tackling all three game modes to complete your challenges and claim your tokens (More on tokens and customisation here), but which one are you most looking forward to getting stuck into?

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