Outcasters: Customisation

November 19, 2020

The Outcasters hype train keeps on rolling and this week, it’s the Customisation Station.

If you missed the last stop you can check out Team Battle right here.

We’ve talked a bit about how you can customise your Outcaster before, but today we’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of hats, capes, wings, ice cream cones, and so much more to show you just how it all works and get your creative juices flowing.

The Bits and Pieces

Each Outcaster is made up of seven different Parts:

  • Body
  • Face
  • Hair
  • Head Gear
  • Face Gear
  • Weapon
  • Backpack

You can also customise your voice, dances etc – but you’ll have to wait for the game to see all of that, we don’t want to explain everything.

Each Part can be mixed and matched from different Outcasters to create your perfect character:

The magic at work

You can then change the colours of many Parts, with some having various different areas you can alter.

If that’s not enough, you can also rotate the angle the Part sits on your Outcaster, allowing you to create some truly weird and wonderful characters!

Build Your Collection

But how do you collect all those wings, sunglasses, and wizard hats, I hear you ask?

Well, when you start up Outcasters, you’ll be set a number of challenges, which refresh daily and weekly.

Some Challenges are tough, some are pretty easy, but you’ll be swimming in Tokens in no time. Once you’ve got a handful you can explore the Planoids. Planoids are the worlds that the Outcasters are from (you’ll recognise the Arenas in each!) and they’re also where you unlock new Parts.

Fantasilly and its resident dragon

Select an Outcaster you like the look of and use your Tokens to unlock their Parts. The Part you receive from each Outcaster will be random from their set, but don’t worry, you can never get a duplicate, and we think surprise is half the fun! Once you have enough Parts, you can move onto the next Planoid. You don’t need to collect everything to move to the next Planoid either, just a few bits before you can move on.

As well as Tokens, you’ll also earn XP. XP will level up your account, allowing you to unlock new avatars, player cards, voices, dances and more!

Go from zero to hero on Mythos

With hundreds of different Parts to be mixed and matched, we think you’ll be kept busy for a while, and we’ll want to see all of your wild and wonderful creations once you get your hands on the game.

And to keep those creative juices flowing, we’ll be releasing new Outcasters (and their Parts) onto the Stadia Store over time, so if you have an awesome idea for an Outcaster, come and let us know!