Announcing: Team Battle

November 10, 2020

If you’ve been keeping up with Outcasters news (and if you haven’t, you can do that here or here we’ll wait, it’s cool), you’ll know that we’ve shown off two game modes so far: Gold Rush and Last Caster Standing.

Well today, as part of The Escapist Games Showcase: Fall Edition, we’re revealing a third: Team Battle.

Team Battle is Outcasters’ take on the traditional Team Deathmatch mode that Splash Damage fans and gamers will be more than familiar with. You’ll be facing off in two teams of four to be the first to reach 15 eliminations… so far, so familiar, right?

Well, throw in Outcasters’ unique curve shots, fold in a whole ton of pickups, and sprinkle some abilities into the mix, and you have a positively chaotic new game mode that’s incredibly fast-paced and an absolute tonne of fun.

The Maps

The maps of Team Battle
The delicious maps of Team Battle

We didn’t want you playing on any old maps, either. We wanted to tweak some of our favourites; give them a new lick of paint, a remixed soundtrack, and a bunch of love, before letting you all loose onto them.

  • Club Crystal – Show us your best moves and curve shots and dazzle your opponents on the dance floor.
  • Crimson Deep – Here be pirates… and also 8 Outcasters battling it out! Will you take home the treasure or sink to the briny depths?
  • Venus Ventures – Not content with the Moon and Mars, the Outcasters have expanded their agricultural ventures to Venus
  • Arcadia – Ready player one… and two and three and four and fi… you get the picture. Go battle it out in Arcadia!
  • Chocolate Range – Don’t get distracted by the deliciousness on show; you’ll need all of your wits to come out on top on this tasty, chocolatey map.

Phew, ok. So we’ve talked about the level design of Outcasters, shown you three game modes, revealed Lucky’s Lagoon, Cemetery Hills, and Dragon Canyon in detail…

I suppose there’s only a couple of things left to talk about so how about you come back to the blog next week and learn all about Customisation in Outcasters?

See you next week! Until then: