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April 7, 2022

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We tuned in as earlier this week our partners at Epic announced Unreal Engine 5 was available to download for everyone.

If you were paying attention, you might have seen our logo in Epic’s presentation, as we’ve had our hands on the engine for a little while now. As our developers explore the new possibilities offered by Unreal Engine 5 our projects are looking better and better.

That includes the project that we announced last year; a brand new Sci-Fi IP.

Well, today we’re here to confirm two things. First, that game is being built in Unreal 5, and secondly, it isn’t the only project on UE5 in the studio.

Many of you will know us best from our work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Brink, or Dirty Bomb, while some of you will have seen our work throughout the Gears of War series, and more recently in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Last year, our CEO Richard Jolly said “[Tencent’s acquisition] has accelerated our transition from traditional work-for-hire to projects where we have true ownership. This has always been our goal as a studio and we’re able to get there a lot faster now.”

Today we can take that even further. Every project in the studio is now ours. We are no longer co-developing other studios’ projects or doing work-for-hire.

“We’ve always believed that games play better with friends and we’re now going after that mission in a big way.” said Richard Jolly, CEO, “Every game in the studio is now an original Splash Damage project based on cutting edge technology and building on our legacy of creating team-based games while being more ambitious than anything we’ve ever done before.”

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