Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is Ten!

May 30, 2013

It’s been a year since we celebrated WolfenNine, which can mean only one thing – Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is now eligible for double-digits! Say it with me:

Happy 10th birthday, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

Wolf’s community is as active as ever, with new maps, mods, and big projects such as ETLive in active development. You continue to amaze and delight us, and your dedication and passion for the game are the reason it’s still around now, an entire decade after its release. An absolute eternity in video game terms. So, a campaign-sized thanks to you, Wolfenstein community – stay awesome!

Naturally, if you feel like revisiting Wolf: ET and join those who’ve never left, you can grab it for free over in the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory section. Wunderbar!

P.S.: Here’s a really old picture of Locki playing a pre-release build at QuakeCon 2002: