Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Andrew ‘DingoBongo’ Quinn

October 14, 2011

Following an extended nap, our in-house staff interviews are back at last, and we’ve got plenty of new faces here at Splash that can’t wait to meet all of you. First in line is Sound Designer Andrew ‘DingoBongo’ Quinn, who is the latest addition to our Audio Team. Andrew hails from the Indie scene, having worked on a game called Primal Carnage, as well as the interactive game/book The Game Audio Tutorial. He now handles everything from sound creation to mixing and dialogue editing, and helps our games sound as good as they can.

To find out all about Andrew, including how he ended up in the games industry, his tips for breaking in, his work at Splash Damage, and why he went alone into the woods at 2 AM, check out the full interview on his profile page. And don’t forget – if you’ve got any questions you would like to ask Andrew about his work or the industry, just post them up in the comments and we’ll send the man your way.

Finally, if you’ve never heard or seen any of our staff interviews, check out our People section for many more.