Steve Hessel Named One Of Develop’s 30 Under 30

December 19, 2011

UK Games industry’s magazine-of-record, the imperatively titled “Develop” has published its annual showcase of the most promising new talent to emerge in the games industry. And look! Hark! Listen! See/Hear! See here! Gracing their 30 Under 30 list is our very own Steve “badman” Hessel, justly recognised for his unparalleled youth, vigour and sundry-diverse professional accomplishments.

Having limbo’d under the rapidly descending age bar to claim his place among the industry’s youngest and brightest bright young things, Steve is celebrating his inclusion with yet another triumphant twelve-hour shift of website-wrangling and tapir-herding so he can’t write this news post himself. Rest assured, gentle readers, that he has been quoted as being “chuffed”, “delighted” and “conscious”.

We’re also delighted that so many other Splash Damage staff garnered an Honourable Mention in the list, with SD regulars Adam Baines, Andrew Quinn, Angelo Dal Pra, Arne-Olav Hallingstad, Ben Davis, Craig Nelson, Dave Edwards, David Johnston, Eoin O’Grady, Gaetan Montaudouin, Georgo Simeonov, Gordon Biggans, Hussein Elgridly, Jamie Manson, Jeremy Hay, Joe Gibson, Jonathan Fletcher, Laurens Corjin, Leanne Cox, Mark McDonaugh, Mark McLeod, Paul Greveson, Philip Barnell, Pierre Tregaro, Robert Macdonald, Romain Toutain, Sean Francis, Simon Price, Stephen Etheridge, Steve Alves, Vincent Joyeau, and William Richens all hovering upon its margin, threatening to swamp the whole place with SD colours, chants and choreography. Why not gaze upon their team profiles and acquaint yourself more perfectly with all the things they are and do.

So congrats to Herr Hessel on his richly-deserved recognition. Gongs have been struck, confetti flung, and most things at SD, including our halls, and Steve himself, have been decked with celebratory bunting.