Introducing Fresh Talent 2021

June 17, 2021

Fresh from our recent Best Companies awards, we’re thrilled to announce Fresh Talent, a brand-new program to help the next generation of talent get their start in the games industry.

We’ve always welcomed junior staff with open arms, but we wanted to ensure that it wasn’t on an ad-hoc basis. So, we’re committing to ensure that we’ll be opening several roles every year specifically for this program.

These are not placements or internships. These are full-time, assistant roles paired with an experienced mentor.

See all of the open Fresh Talent roles here.

Fresh Talent 2021 logo - an enrty-level job program at Splash Damage!

We want to ensure that anyone, from any background, has an opportunity in our industry. So we’ve made sure that the barrier to entry for these roles is as low as possible.

You will not require a degree or previous professional experience to be successful in your application.

That said, you will need to show us what you can do! In most cases, your portfolio will be the best way to do this, but feel free to get creative and impress us!

We know that many talented and aspiring developers are itching for a chance at a studio. We also know that many of them will be self-taught; just like our three founders were almost 20 years ago.

That’s why Fresh Talent is open to everyone.

Richard Jolly, Splash Damage CEO said, “As a studio, we’ve seen first-hand how people can excel when just given a chance. We got our start as a mod team with no professional experience, and we want to be able to extend that same opportunity to the next generation of developers.”

If you’re looking for an entry-level role in the games industry, degree or no, then have a look at our open roles – specific to this program – below. There are multiple positions for each role.

If you’re excited about the prospect of working for Splash Damage and getting your first start in the industry then find the role that suits you, make sure your portfolio is as strong as it can be, and apply!

You have until the 18th of July to get your applications in.

Good luck, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Check out all of the Fresh Talent roles over on our Careers page.

You can also watch our special kick-off event with Into Games and hear from some of our developers about life at Splash Damage over on YouTube.

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