E3 2010 Coverage Round-up – Day 2: Brink Footage and More

June 17, 2010

Day 2 of E3 was an exciting one, with all-new Brink footage being shown on IGN’s Live at E3 and G4TV’s E3 ’10 Live. Better yet, if you missed the G4TV piece last night, it’s now available online. The five minute video contains plenty of footage from Reactor, all set to the gentle sound of Brink’s Game Director Paul Wedgwood being quizzed by G4TV’s Kevin Pereira.

In other news, here are the latest Brink impressions and interviews from the show:



As with yesterday’s round-up, we’ll be keeping this updated throughout the day. If you’ve spotted any other Brink E3 coverage, please let us know in the comments.