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Doom III

DOOM 3Game overview: Built on id's revolutionary new 3D technology, DOOM 3 is a terrifying battle with the forces of Hell. In DOOM 3, your recent assignment to the Union Aerospace Corporation's Mars research facility seemed simple enough, until their discoveries and experiments unlocked the gates to Hell itself. Now, in an epic clash against pure evil you must fight to understand who is with you, who is against you, and what must be done to stop this nightmare from reaching earth.

Our contribution: Following the success of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Splash Damage was chosen by id Software to create all of the multiplayer maps for DOOM 3.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Game of the Year EditionGame overview: World War II rages and nations fall. SS head Himmler has Hitler's full backing to twist science and the occult into an army capable of annihilating the Allies once and for all. Battling alone, you're on an intense mission to pierce the black heart of the Third Reich and stop Himmler -- or die trying. Fighting in advanced team-based multiplayer mode, you'll wage your own WWII in an all-out Axis vs. Allies contest for frontline domination.

Our contribution: After releasing the wildly successful "Marketgarden" multiplayer map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Splash Damage was asked to create three additional maps for the Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Game of the Year edition. One of them, "Tram Siege", became the most-played first party map for the game upon release.

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