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We're back!

Apologies for the extended downtime caused by the sheer weight of tapirs in the forums. We've built new stables for our Perissodactyl Ceratomorph chums and the forums have been back for a couple of weeks here. Our temporary home at myspace will remain active; if you haven't added us, pop by.

ETQW Beta Test and Clan Invitations

After receiving a thousand emails in a single day, Activision are currently swamped with applications by clans to join the ET:QW Closed Beta Test. Many thanks to all those that took the trouble to apply. We'll keep you posted if and when any further slots become available.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Pre-orders Available

Pre-orders for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars are now available at a number of retail and online outlets in many countries around the world. Aside from ensuring that you'll absolutely positively get your copy of the game as soon as it's released, pre-ordering will also allow you to reserve your preferred username.

Enemy Territory Leads PC Gaming Revival

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars has been given a special mention in a New York Times article today focusing on the comeback of PC games. The NYT alleges that ETQW is one the of major titles set to re-energise interest in the platform alongside Microsoft's Games for Windows initiative. The article also looks into gaming on Windows Vista and high-end PCs built specifically for enthusiast gamers.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Among CVG's Most Wanted

The chaps over at Computer & Video Games have put out the inaugural installment of their new Most Wanted feature, wherein CVG's editors compile a gleaming roster of the upcoming games they are anticipating with the greatest glee. Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars made the list, joined by several other high profile PC releases. Read on to find out what they had to say about it!

The Taste of Splash Damage: Neil Postlethwaite on QUAKE Wars Beta, Sundry Diverse Matters

Splash Damage Managing Director and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Producer Neil "Relaxer" Postlethwaite is the subject of GamaSutra's latest Media Consumption installment. Neil descants upon the on-going Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Beta, before divulging his current taste in consumable media, spanning music, books, movies, and - but of course - games.

ETQW Community Site Up, Live, Singing, Ringing

We're delighted to announce that The Official Community Site for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has gone live. We'll continue to maintain news posts and forums on this site, but if you're after information about ETQW, the community site is the place to be. Look forward to seeing you there.

Brand-new ETQW Feature and Vid on Yahoo Games

Yahoo Games has fired a huge barrage of new Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars goodies at us, including a great new video, jam-packed with developer interviews and gameplay footage that is available both in streaming and downloadble HD flavours. They also have a hands-on report on multiplayer, and they round it all off with an interesting interview with id Software's Kevin Cloud. Enjoy.

Splash Damage 17th Among Next-Gen's Top 50 Euro Studios

NextGen.Biz have published a list of the Top Fifty European Game Studios. We're very happy to see ourselves placed 17th among other major players like Bizarre Creations, Rockstar, and Crytek.

Next-Gen Names Paul Wedgwood One of Europe's 50 Big Bosses

The chaps over at Next-Generation have put together a list of the top 50 executives and creative leaders in Europe's game publishing and development industry, with Splash Damage owner Paul "Locki" Wedgwood being recognised as one of them. Click here to read the full feature!