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ETQW Shackbattle - The Aftermath

As some of you may be aware, Saturday 1st March 2008 was a very special date. Not only was it the anniversary of Communist spy Klaus Fuchs being jailed in 1950, and murderer Fred West being charged in 1994, but it was also the date that two goliaths went head-to-head (and later arm-in-arm) in an epic Shackbattle - Team Splash Damage versus Team Shacknews.

At 20:00GMT, battle commenced in the African campaign, with Team SD defending and Team Shacknews attacking. With a Dallas server giving us an average ping of up to 200ms (compared to Team Shacknews' 50ms) and maps lasting 30 minutes instead of the default 20, the odds didn't look good.

Success was not guaranteed. If anything, it should have been a bloodbath.

What the Flash?! (And Other Assorted Web Dev Stuff)

We just added a couple more cool bits to the front page of this here site. Most immediately, you'll probably notice that there's a fancy Flash version of the big ETQW header piece now, and those of you that have the Flash player installed should be getting that. There's also a static fallback for those who prefer to live in the non-animated dark ages, though if you want to be cool, hip, etc, you might want to consider Flashing it up - it's fun, we promise. That said, we're still in the early stages of experimenting with Flash content here on the site (Flash Damage lol ugh), so if you've got any feedback there, please let us know in the comments.

In less glitzy news, it seems that blog entries were feeling a bit neglected compared to the in-your-face Latest News list on the main page. To rectify this, this list has been replaced with another glorious set of tabs which allow you to easily switch between latest news and latest blog updates without having to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Again, feedback on this change is welcome.

And finally (and completely unrelated), Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 has been released and seems to have issues with every website ever made, which, of course, is a very entertaining affair for those who just got done optimizing their site for IE7. Long story short, we know that IE8 Beta 1 has a few issues with the Splash Damage site at the moment, but we're taking a wait and see approach before tackling them - who knows, they might unbreak the rendering engine a little before the end. In the meantime, we recommend sticking to its handy IE7 emulation mode which allows you to continue browsing the web in relative safety.

Force Feedback Vest Promises to Tickle Your Kidneys With Pain

This is a bit of a bizarre item that Locki stumbled across the other day. Gadget company Firebox is now offering a sort of Force Feedback vest for FPS games. Called the 3rd Space FPS Vest, it plugs into a USB port and promises to relay in-game bullet hits, explosions, and other unfriendly events into actual pain physical feedback via a concoction of eight pneumatic thingies spread throughout the device. We're not quite sure how strong said feedback is, but apparently the result looks something like the gentleman on the right.

Better yet, it comes in two dashing colors and works with Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. We've not yet managed to get our hands (or torsos, for that matter) on one of these, but if we do, we'll be sure to report back.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Console Previews Hit The Internet

With the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 versions of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars getting closer to release, id Software, Nerve Software, and Activision recently had a press event showing them off to a few of the big online gaming outlets. Here's a round-up of the reports we've found around the web so far:

Splash Damage in GamaSutra

In case you missed it, GamaSutra has an interview with Splash Damage boss Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood on, wherein he descants upon his gaming past, the creation of Splash Damage, the development of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and the beginnings of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. Those who find such things of interest will find it, um, interesting.

Splash Damage at Leipzig GC'06

If you're coming to Games Convention in Germany (August 24th - 27th 2006), make sure you drop by the Activision booth in Halle 5, where Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars will be playable on a 24 player LAN. On hand to show you the ropes are guys from id and Splash Damage. Drop by and say hello!

New Gamespy Diary

The second of Gamespy's ETQW developer diaries has been posted, with Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood recapping Quakecon 06 and delving into the history of ETQW and the technology that powers it's Stroggy (and humany) wonderousness-ness. Take a peek here!

Ark preview live (two weeks ago :) )

The marvellous people at IGN have posted a map reveal of the Ark, one of the Arctic missions of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. The tundra-tastic preview can be enjoyed here.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Announced for Consoles

id Software and Activision have announced forthcoming console versions of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. While we at Splash Damage lavish our attentions solely on the PC version, we've got a little help from our friends: the Xbox 360 version is being handled by the mighty Nerve Software, creators of Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer, while the Playstation3 version is being hoisted aloft by the lovely Z-Axis. Read the full press release here.

SD Dev Diaries Galore/Ahoy/Roundup

Those of you chewing your own ties and gloves in anticipation of ETQW's release may wish to pass a few careless moments reading some of our Developer Diaries.

Most recently, SD Tool-Smith Jared 'jRAD' Hefty took a brief moment off from making ETQW to write a diary about the making of the making of ETQW.

Prior to that, for those who didn't know, or didn't care, or didn't know that they didn't care, SD Senior Game Designer Edward 'Bongoboy' Stern wrote a developer diary for GameSpot about ETQW's backstory.

You can find previous SD dev diaries here, here and here, with more on the way soonish.