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Dirty Bomb Bugs and Balance Housekeeping Update

The latest update is live and ready to go in Dirty Bomb!

There isn't any new faces joining our current crack squad of Mercs this time, but in place of even more mayhem, we have taken some time to give some loving care and attention to features already in game. This includes tweaks to balance for Mercs, weapons, augments and abilities, an updated UI and upgrades to the mission system.

For the full rundown of the latest patch, check it out on the forum here!

Dirty Bomb presents... The Phantom Update

Another update, another Merc! Phantom is here- well, he was here a moment ago at least, but in addition to the sneaky assassin, we've got an number of other tweaks and additions for you with this update. Read on for all the details!

The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta Finishes with a Bang!

The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Multiplayer Open Beta is now over and it’s fair to say that you’ve chainsawed your way through the last 8 days, with 41.2 million kills and over 1 million games played. Our friends over at The Coalition have shared some fairly absurd stats:

Dirty Bomb presents... The Sparks Update

The latest update is now live and ready for action. Amongst balance and map updates, increased Credit bonuses and a selection of Merc Bundles, Sparks is also coming onto the scene as the newest Merc in London.

Dirty Bomb E3 Trailer and Free Fraggers

Amidst the madness of E3 2015, our own Paul Wedgwood presented a shiny new cinematic trailer for Dirty Bomb at the inaugural PC Gaming Show. Check it out below:

Announcing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re working on Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Xbox One alongside The Coalition. We’ve completely remastered the original game: There’s now support for Dolby 7.1 surround sound, modernized multiplayer running at 60 FPS on dedicated servers, skill-based matchmaking, and much more. Better yet, there's a multiplayer beta happening on Xbox Live right now, and you're invited! Read on for more details.

Dirty Bomb goes into Open Beta

After having thousands of you testing rigorously, the Open Beta for our first fully owned IP ‘Dirty Bomb’ is hitting Steam today. That’s right, now everybody can jump in game and dominate (or die) with friends and teammates for cold hard credits and bragging rights.

With five maps designed for the classic Objective style gameplay and a dozen unique Mercs, Dirty Bomb is an FPS that rewards skill, coordination and teamwork above all else. There will be more features, more maps, fresh ways to play, and of course, plenty of new Mercs coming as Dirty Bomb’s updates continue to roll out.

Be sure to check out our Twitter feed, Facebook page and Twitch streams to stay up to date on everything Dirty Bomb.

Dirty Bomb is Going Open Beta

It’s finally time! On Tuesday, June 2nd, Dirty Bomb will enter Open Beta! No more access keys, no more buy-in, no more raffles, no more sign-ups; anyone in our service area that wants to play Dirty Bomb can download it through the Steam client and play for free!

Dirty Bomb presents... The Kira and Rhino Update

New Mercs, Leagues, more Credits, and all manner of Loadout Card goodness are all headed your way in the latest Dirty Bomb update. There's also a fine assortment of fixes and balance changes. Let's dive right in, shall we?

The Fletcher Update

Welcome to the latest update to take centre stage in Dirty Bomb. Along with balance changes and a ton of squashed bugs, we also welcome some User Interface upgrades, ‘Chapel’ map updates, experience earn-rate tweaks and of course, our new Merc ‘Fletcher’ joins the crew.