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Dirty Bomb presents... The Shell Shock Update

It's an old fashioned heist, and long awaited Mercenary Turtle is joining the fight.

Introducing our C++ Tech Blog

One of our studio values is mastery and our programmers like to pen an internal tech newsletter which covers coding practices and more advanced C++ knowledge. Our Senior Core Tech Programmer, Valentin Galea wants to share some of these articles with you here, including a dedicated Q&A session after each blog post!

So if you like all things code, let us shepherd you towards the first newsletter in the series:

Introducing the C++ Tech Blog

Hi, I’m Valentin Galea, Senior Core-Tech programmer here at Splash Damage.

Bellow you'll find the first edition of our C++ newsletter, almost unabridged from when it was originally sent by email. Enjoy!

Advanced C++: A Tale Of std::function

Some time ago whilst working on one of our projects I needed a system that does a sort of "delayed function execution". Essentially I wanted that when some function were called, instead of doing their logic, I would "record" their arguments and push them in a queue so that at a later point in time I would call them. The project uses Unreal Engine 4 compiled with the latest Visual Studio 2015, so I had all C++11/14 at my disposal!

Dirty Bomb presents... Obsidian Operatives

Suit up and boot up, Mercs! Along with a Ranked Points weekend, today's update brings some minor fixes, and some not-so-minor additions to the game.

Crafting Week NOW ON!

Welcome to Crafting Week - a full week of bonuses to help you Craft the cards you're after. Here's what's going down:

Dirty Bomb presents... Ranked Season 3

It's time to get your hands dirty. Ranked Season 3 runs for the next three months, ending on the 12th of September. Now's the time to jump back into the mode Dirty Bomb was built for, with a load of improvements and brand new content.

Dirty Bomb presents... The Dockyard Update

Flaming hell! In an earth-shattering arrival, the latest Objective map is here. With the freshly smouldering wreckage of the CDA airship laying in the docks, a war over what remains is set to erupt.

Dirty Bomb presents... Ranked Season 2

Ranked Season 2 kicking off tomorrow and running until the 1st of June, it's time to jump back into the mode Dirty Bomb was built for - Hardcore 5v5 matches with friendly fire and team collision enabled.

Dirty Bomb presents... The MOFO Update

After three months of open map surgery, London's localities are running better than ever. Read on for gameplay updates, visual improvements, framerate optimizations, new weapon audio and a ton of new bug-fixes!

Gears of War 4 Launches Worldwide

Gears of War 4 has launched worldwide! We've been working (and playing) alongside The Coalition on the multiplayer portion of the game, and to see it being so well received by fans of the franchise has meant a lot to us at Splash Damage.

Dirty Bomb presents... Summer Squash Part III

We're slashing bugs like it's nobody's business! This update rounds off our bug-focused Summer Squash - We've squeezed tons of fixes into this release, so we'll let them speak for themselves.