Words by Splash Damage Artists in March Issue of 3D World

January 29, 2009

If you like creating 3D models and the way paper feels in your hands, we highly recommend picking up the upcoming March issue of 3D World magazine. Not only does it include 108 individual sheets of paper, but at least several of them are filled with words written by Splash Damage artists covering character model creation for a game (like, say, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars). More specifically, technical Artist Paul ‘MoP’ Greveson explains step by step how to skin and export a zombie model, while animator Chris ‘Hauser’ Bull covers working with MotionBuilder to create animations based on motion capture data.

And to make it all even easier to follow, Paul recorded a whole set of narrated video tutorials covering the entire skinning / exporting business, which are now available on 3D World’s website for maximum convenience. One of them specifically covers getting a character from MAX into Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, so that one’s most likely of particular interest to all you modders out there. Happy viewing!