Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Invades PC Gamer’s Top 100 (Updated)

February 23, 2011

Gracing the March issue of PC Gamer US is the latest version of their Top 100 Games of All Time, listing, much as one would expect, the 100 best games of all time (as chosen by PC Gamer). Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is once again present and accounted for, calling in air strikes and constructing barricades in the #55 spot. Not only does that mean that Wolf managed to hold its own very nearly almost 8 full years after its release, but it’s actually moved up an impressive 15 places since the UK version of the same list came out last year. Wunderbar!

Update: The full top 100 is now available online via PC Gamer’s swish website. Here’s what they had to say about Wolf: ET:

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was never about the shooting. I played the medic class like a guardian angel, skipping through rivulets of bullets to reach shot-up team-mates and nurse them back to health. These days, clever team play is as important to online FPSes as lethal mouse-skills – so I’m pinning the rise of objective-based shooters squarely on Enemy Territory’s proud Allied/evil Nazi chest.

We’ll gladly take the blame for that.