Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Hits Double Toothpicks!

May 29, 2014

Eleven entire years of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory marks landmark in game landmarks. It’s hard to believe that 1.1 decades have passed. It’s hard to believe that over 19 million “down-loads” have been “down-loaded”. It’s easy to believe that the Old City has been captur- Old City Lo- Old City Captured!

Many are the player hours. Many are the maps and mods. Incalculable is Splash Damage’s gratitude to everyone who made, and remade, and most of all played Wolf: ET.

For all the Fuel Dumps dumped, the Siwas Oasised, the Seawalls Seawalled, Würzburg Würzburged, Rails Gunned, and Gold Rushed, we can only say V-4-3

Happy Birthday, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!