Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory community server is live

September 8, 2021

Celebrating our 20th anniversary has got us feeling all nostalgic, especially when looking back to our first ever game: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

If you joined us for our Wolfenstein: ET livestream or if you play regularly even now, you’ll know that the game is still incredibly popular with tons of community creations like mods and maps. Now, Splash Damage got its start creating mods for Quake 3, so we have a lot of love for the modding community and how they’ve kept our classic game feeling alive and fresh for almost 20 years, but we found ourselves with a hankering to play the game as it was when we shipped it back in 2003…

So we went ahead and set up a server for just that, and you can join it too!

The Splash Damage Community Server is running W:ET without any mods, tweaks or changes and is open to all players, new or old.

To join the server, all you’ll need to do is download the game which you can do so here for FREE. When you’ve got the game running, simply enter the IP address on the Play Online screen.

When you’ve connected to the server, you’ll be in Limbo mode, where you can spectate the game. Hit L to bring up the Limbo menu where you can choose your side (you may need to switch if one side has more players), class and weapon then spawn into the game!

On newer operating systems, you may run into a ‘Pure Server Check’ error when trying to join servers, but all you need to do is change the compatibility setting in the .exe file and run it as an Administrator. This link has more details.

You can also find the server information on TrackBase, and we’ve got more information on playing W:ET over on our forum.

If you’d like to find people to team up with for a few matches, need some help getting the game running, or need to report any problems with the server then head on over to the Splash Damage official Discord where we have a channel just for Wolfenstein: ET.

And, if this is your first time playing the game, we definitely recommend trying out some of the many community-run servers as well. These often use mods, bots and other modifications which have helped keep the game alive for almost 20 years!