Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Among PC Gamer’s Top 100 Games of All Time

January 7, 2010

The latest issue of PC Gamer magazine here in the UK contains the PC Gamer 100, listing their 100 best games of all time. In a feat of sheer amazement and delight to us, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory made the list at #70, sandwiched comfortably in between Freespace 2 and Battle of Britain 2. According to PC Gamer, Wolf: ET was picked for its class-based gameplay that focused on team-play rather than straight-up shooter-ing, accusations we can’t really deny. Thanks Aristotle for the tip.

Better yet, PC Gamer is now turning over the reigns to all of you and letting you determine your own Top 100 Games by way of this easy-to-use website. It’s a fairly simple affair – just register an account, assemble your 5 favorite games, put them in order, and submit them. The website presently has Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory sitting at #69. Let’s see if we can exceed that, shall we?