Wintery Brink Interview and Preview Round-up

December 15, 2009

What better way to spend a cold winter evening than by reading these fine new Brink interviews and previews? First up is Destructoid, where you can find a nicely put together video interview with Game Director Paul Wedgwood and Creative Director Richard Ham. The whole thing is served with a generous side of (previously released) gameplay footage, which makes it very watchable indeed.

If you like the way arranged blocks of letters scroll past on your screen, have a browse over to where Richard Ham is front and center-aligned in a new text interview. This one covers a variety of questions about Brink, its story and setting, as well as blending single and multiplayer.

And lastly, since you can never have too many previews, Official Xbox Magazine UK,, BritXbox, Alltern8, and eGamer are more than happy to help us out there.