What is Dirty Bomb?

August 22, 2014

London! Fish and chips! Organized crime! Corrupt oligarchs! Dodgy financial institutions! Old things!

When a dozen radiological dirty bombs go off, forcing the sudden evacuation of the entire city center, there’s a lot left back in the contaminated zone. Some of it needs to be safely extracted. Some of it needs to disappear pronto. Overnight there’s urgent demand for people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. And with demand comes supply. Private Military Companies (PMCs) and their hired mercenaries the world over flock to London to do whatever people will pay for. The “making things go boom” business in London is booming. So Merc up. It’s time to #PlayDirty.

In Dirty Bomb you build a roster of unique Mercs and take them onto the abandoned streets of London to fight for valuable intel, loot and honour. It’s high tempo, first person team based combat. From escorting Extraction Vehicles to wiping data servers, crashing armoured trains to flooding Underground stations, Dirty Bomb has compelling primary and secondary objectives that provide you with a variety of ways to go about completing your mission.

Mercs you say? Tell me more!

Dirty Bomb has a rich cast of Merc characters (over 15 and counting) , each with their own special abilities, combat role and personality – anything from orbital laser strikes to self-revive to proximity mines to deployable turrets to invisibility . They let you play the way you want to play. Whether you’re a spry death dealer, a pain absorbing tank, support or crowd controller; there’s a Dirty Bomb Merc that’s perfect for you.

Skill and Competition

Tired of having your hand held in shooters that don’t truly allow you to demonstrate your mastery? Dirty Bomb has been designed from the ground up to celebrate skill and help you develop your FPS prowess. Prove your worth to recruit a Merc, then master their unique ability and tactical plays; and tailor their loadout to suit your own personal wants and needs.

Play as a Team, focus on the Objective

Out of the gate, Dirty Bomb’s game modes challenge your team to either attack or defend a series of primary and secondary objectives. The secondary objectives open up new paths of attack, while primaries secure victory. Clear fallout infested sections of the city, secure delicate intel or eliminate specified targets as your PMC looks to make the best of a dirty situation.

Each map is a unique London location, carefully tuned for optimal gameplay flow, cover, fields of fire, chokepoints, tailored objectives, and the opportunities for trick jumps.

Free to Dominate!

While being able to play a game for free is fantastic, we want you to be able to go toe to toe with the best players in the world, without being forced to pull £££ from your pocket. As a game that provides a top level competitive experience, it’s important to us that a fair playing field is provided. With Dirty Bomb, we aim to do just that!

Constant Evolution

We haven’t rushed Dirty Bomb’s development. Balancing Mercs, movement, damage, maps and all the various abilities takes time, so we’ve staged lengthy Alpha and Beta phases in close consultation with the player community. Dirty Bomb will continue to evolve and grow, building on player feedback and releasing new content and features over the coming months and years.

Extract your Beta Key!

If you don’t have a Beta key yet, head over to Dirty Bomb’s partner site for your respective region and sign up for a key right away! European, North American and players from Australia and New Zealand should go to Nexon here. Players from the CIS region should say hello to Destiny here, and South American players should sign up with Axeso 5 here.

It’s time to Merc up and #PlayDirty!