Web Nuggets: SD Studio Profile and the History of Clans

August 19, 2011

The weekend is very nearly upon us and we’ve cobbled together the latest Splash Damage coverage from around the web.

Today’s tour kicks off at The Daily Telegraph, where Tom Hoggins has put together a detailed studio profile of Splash Damage, covering the history of the company from Quake III mod team all the way up to Brink’s release. There’s also a separate interview to be had, with Tom chatting to CEO and Game Director Paul ‘Locki’ Wedgwood about the UK video games industry and the plans for the future of Splash Damage.

Speaking of interviews, the Aussies over at PC Powerplay also managed to get some extended phone time with Paul to talk the past and future of the competitive scene. The Q&A comes in four, roughly page-shaped parts, each of them covering a different time period in the long and illustrious history of first person shooter clans: