We Abduct Fable II Lead Designer, Make Him Creative Director

December 8, 2008

With Splash Damage changing from a purely PC developer to a multi-platform studio, we needed somebody with a vast amount of console experience to spearhead our efforts. Our search is now over, and we’re extremely pleased to announce that Fable II lead designer Richard ‘Rahdo’ Ham has joined Splash Damage as Creative Director. In his new position, Richard will drive the vision and lead the design team behind our current project.

Beyond Fable II, Richard brings a staggering 15 years of industry experience to Splash Damage. He was the creative lead on the hugely popular Syphon Filter series for the original PlayStation, and worked on a multitude of other games across all major platforms, including the first successful adaption of The Sims for consoles, and the PC titles Fable: The Lost Chapters and The Movies. We’re so excited to have Richard here with us that we dedicated an entire press release to him – roll your eyeballs up and down it to find out all about the man and our official reasons for bringing him aboard (for all the others, check out his staff interview).