WarChest and Splash Damage Raise Over £4,000 for Special Effect

July 10, 2012

This weekend, a combined force of Splash Damage and WarChest team members took to the British 10K London event to raise money for Special Effect, a charity dedicated to making games accessible to young people with disabilities.

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that our runners managed to raise a total of £2,016 – all via generous donations from family, friends, and, of course, you, our fans. Better yet, all donations are being matched by WarChest and Splash Damage, so we’ve now ended up with a fantastic grand total of £4,032! All of that will go to the good folks at Special Effect, so they can keep doing what they’re doing.

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who donated and, of course, to all of our runners for putting in the effort! You rock, all of you!