Vote for Brink in Voodoo Extreme’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2009

December 18, 2009

VE Reader's ChoiceIt’s the end of the year, which not only means that it’s time for all manner of Game of the Year awards, but it’s also when upcoming game releases are bestowed with “Most Anticipated” honors. To that end, the chaps at Voodoo Extreme have kicked up their annual Reader’s Choice Awards, allowing the gaming public to decide on their favorite games of 2009 as well as their most wanted releases of 2010.

Brink is up in the latter category and needs your votes! Conveniently, voting’s about as easy as it gets and does not require registration or anything of the sort. Simply head on over to Voodoo Extreme’s Most Anticipated category, pick Brink from the list and submit the form.

Voting closes December 31st – be sure to submit your choices before then!