Unofficial Fix for Empty Wolf: ET Server List

January 25, 2012

Those of you playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory will have noticed that the internet server list currently comes up empty. This is due to an issue with the master server that is being investigated by the fine folks over at id. In the meantime, forum member Paul has put together a back-up master server that you can use to get your multiplayer fix for now.

This workaround is not officially supported and any modifications you make to the game are “at your own risk”.

With the disclaimer out of the way, you can find Paul’s workaround in this forum thread. Steps are offered for both server admins (to make their servers show up in the new list) and players (to retrieve the new list within their game). On a side note, Paul’s solution is set up in such a way that it’ll automatically be overridden the instant any official master server comes online.