Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Robert ‘Mac’ Macdonald

November 4, 2011

Our intrepid series of staff interviews returns, shining our inquisitive spotlight on UI programmer Robert ‘Mac’ Macdonald. Mac has rather illustrious background, having worked on at least several Silent Hills as well as a few simulations for The Government. Being our resident UI programmer, he gets to implement the elaborate user interfaces conjured up by the design department with a generous helping of transitions, animations, and swooshes (gotta have those). He also wears kilts (allegedy, of course) and owns a fake pipe (depicted on the right there).

To find out more about Mister Mac, including how he stumbled into the games industry (hint: it wasn’t head-first), his job at Splash Damage, his tips for asipiring games programmers, and loads more, compile the full interview on his profile page.

And don’t forget – if you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask Mac, post them up in the comments and we’ll gently push him your way.