Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Richard ‘Rahdo’ Ham

December 12, 2008

RahdoJust in time for his grand unveiling, our latest staff interview features none other than the Caesar of Creative, the Dean of Design, the Wizard of Words, Splash Damage’s freshly crowned Creative Director Richard ‘Rahdo’ Ham. As chronicled in the press release, Richard just finished work on Fable II as lead designer and previously contributed to all manner of games, including the rather popular Syphon Filter series, The Sims, and The Movies. But most of all, he ups our Impressive Beard Count by 1.

So what occasioned this personified lexicon of knowledge to set up shop right here in our offices? Luckily, that’s just one of the nuggets of information revealed in the full interview, which also covers what he actually does around here, his extensive industry experience, as well as his gaming background and habits.