Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Rav ‘ioli’ Channa

February 26, 2009

Next in line for our encyclopedic series of staff interviews is HR Manager Rav ‘ioli’ Channa. Rav is the only licensed Grown-up at Splash Damage and the mastermind behind our recruitment efforts. She also dabbles in pensions and health care things and, above all, makes sure that Splash Damage is a lovely and friendly place to work at. Somewhat ironically, she trains for this in her spare time by playing lots of Tekken and viciously deleting commas from every document she can get her hands on.

To find out more about Rav, how she ended up at Splash Damage, her first gaming experiences (they may shock and/or surprise you) and what she does in her spare time, please step into her office which also doubles as her website profile.