Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Jonas ‘suctionlord’ Nelson

July 13, 2009

suctionlordUnable to run for the hills in time, Programmer Jonas ‘suctionlord’ Nelson is the latest subject of our on-going series of staff interviews. Jonas previously worked at Swedish developer Avalanche Studios where he copiously sprinkled code all over at least two Just Causes and has now taken up residence at Splash Damage as our dedicated AI programmer. Somewhat predictably, he spends most of his time being responsible for the inevitable robot uprising while also infusing Brink’s characters with all manner of life and player-like behaviors.

To find out more about Jonas, his work at Splash Damage, his advice for aspiring programmers, and how he came to be one of only two existing Suctionlords, check out the full interview in his profile.