Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: John ‘Nifty’ Molloy

January 15, 2010

Despite rumors to the contrary, our series of staff interviews did not, in fact, win the lottery and emigrate to a warm, sandy beach in the Carribbean. Here to prove it is our very latest installment featuring none other than Designer of Games John ‘Nifty’ Molloy who, prior to joining Splash Damage, game-designed away at Lionhead Studios on Fable II and its downloadable content. He’s now part of Brink’s design team and wields a variety of deadly tools including Microsoft Word and Excel to make sure Things Are As They Need To Be.

To find out more about John, his work, how he ended up in the industry and, indeed, at Splash Damage, and why you should be cool and stay in school, have a gentle browse over to the full interview in John’s profile.