Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Chris ‘Hauser’ Bull

September 5, 2008

Chris BullSince last week’s Chris was so well received, we decided to follow that one up with another member of our Chris army. As Splash Damage’s Animator, Chris ‘Hauser’ Bull is literally responsible for getting things moving, at least as far as game characters and models are concerned. For Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, Chris handled the bulk of the animation work, and he is now taking things to the next level by animating the first real-life Splash Damage baby.

To find out more about what Chris does here at Splash Damage, how he ended up here, his work on Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, and much more, put on this ridiculous looking mo-cap suit, pretend to be an emu, and waddle your way over to his profile. In related matters, we’re totally trying to go for a Chris hattrick here (a Christrick, if you will), so keep your fingers crossed for Chris Dawson next week.