The Nader Update

April 23, 2015

The latest update is now live and ready to go. Amongst an array of balance changes to augments, abilities and weapons, Nader is also exploding onto the scene as the newest Merc in town.

Meet Nader

Nader is here and she’s not coming quietly. She’s exploding onto the scene with her revolving grenade launcher ready to take out enemy Mercs and Deployables alike. Even when downed, she is still dangerous. Get too close or don’t finish her off, she’ll use her Martyrdom ability insta-gibbing any enemies within the blast range.

Merc Rotations

Sawbonez and Artys rotation contracts have expired, but there is some fresh meat stepping up to the plate for you to try. Introducing Bushwhacker and Vasilli. One a turret-toting-tough guy ready to get in the thick of it, the other a solitary sniper patiently waiting to pop heads from a distance. Who will you pick up and try out first?

Ability Balancing

There have been a lot of balancing changes made in this update, particularly with deployables. We were finding that players were not being penalised for letting them get damaged and it gave them an advantage. To combat this we have made it so reclaiming deployables now only returns Cooldown proportional to the remaining health of the item. This prevents players picking up a low health deployable and being able to instantly replace it with a full-health one.

We have also now added a ‘set up time’ to Aura’s healing station. This means that if she or her team-mates are engaging in a fire-fight they do not have access to group heal immediately. Instead, much like Bushwhackers turret, after she places the station it will take a second or two to get ready and then begins to heal. This puts more focus on using the Healing Station to fortify an area, rather than being used for on the move for quick healing.

For the full rundown of the latest patch, check it out on the forum here!