The Fletcher Update

May 13, 2015

Welcome to the latest update to take centre stage in Dirty Bomb. Along with balance changes and a ton of squashed bugs, we also welcome some User Interface upgrades, ‘Chapel’ map updates, experience earn-rate tweaks and of course, our new Merc ‘Fletcher’ joins the crew.

Meet Fletcher

STICKY BOMB!!! The bombs are in town and there is only one guy man enough to handle them. Fletcher, a stylish combat engineer, is hauling his collection of sticky bombs to London along with his detonator to bring the pain…and a whole load of explosions.

‘Quick Play’ Update

We’ve spent a lot of time making tweaks to the ‘Quick Play’ function within the game. Now when you play, you will only be placed in servers with under 100ms ping for better connectivity. Plus, we fixed an issue where it would try and match you into ‘Level Locked’ servers, so no more will you fail to connect for this reason. ‘Quick Play’ also takes the average skill-rating of the server into account when placing you to make for a much more balanced and enjoyable experience.

Ranked Play Level Cap

Upon receiving a lot of feedback from players about Ranked Match Making, we decided to reduce the level cap from 7 to 6. This will help when searching for a game and should increase the population of ranked play.

Asia Now in Matchmaking

That’s right! Now when you want to go into a game it’s not just Europe, North America and Australia you can choose from. we have now added Asia into the Matchmaking system to give you a better, lag-free experience.

For the full rundown of the latest patch, check it out on the forum here!