The Extraction Closed Beta Begins!

October 15, 2013

It’s finally here! We’re excited to officially kick off the Closed Beta phase for Extraction. If you’re a member of the Founder’s Club, you can join the beta right now by linking your Founder’s Pack to a Nexon account.

Everybody else, keep an eye on your inboxes for those precious Closed Beta invites. They’ll be going out in waves, so you’ve got a chance to get in even if you aren’t chosen immediately. On a side note, if you’ve previously signed up for a free account on the Dirty Bomb site, you’re most definitely still on our collective list for access, so do keep checking back for updates on that.

What’s in the Closed Beta? Let’s turn to the official press release:

Extraction’s closed beta will give players the opportunity to experience the game’s Objective, Stopwatch and Execution modes across several different areas of London. Players will be able to unlock a variety of Mercs, allowing them to approach Extraction’s closed beta battles in different ways. In addition to testing, closed beta participants will also be able to provide feedback to the development team. ECHO, a powerful analytics and telemetry system utilized during the game’s alpha period, will also be employed during the closed beta to help ensure a fair and balanced playing field.

The Closed Beta is a huge step for the project and we’re eager to see what our testers think of it. Be sure to stay tuned to the Splash Damage Twitter for updates on the Closed Beta and future waves of invites.

Bonus picture of the Extraction team waving/shooting/smiling the Closed Alpha goodbye earlier today:

Closed Beta Testers, we look forward to seeing you online!