The Design of Dirty Bomb

January 17, 2019

Many moons ago, prior to the rise of Kickstarter, we launched a crowdfunding campaign for Dirty Bomb. Three of the rewards, Dirty Bomb’s Game Design Document, Artbook and Original Soundtrack were promised at the full release of the game to the people who pledged money to support the title during that campaign, our ‘Founders.’

We’ve spoken with our Founders and they respected our wish to make those three things available to everyone.

So here they are.

Game Design Document

This is the history of Dirty Bomb in hundreds of pages of designs, sketches, notes, concept art, biro drawings, user stories and more. A rare glimpse behind the curtain.

This is a labour of love from Splash Damage’s staff past and present, but who better to introduce it than Dirty Bomb’s Creative Director, Exedore?

We will be sharing tidbits from this document on our Twitter page, but please share with us your own highlights or surprises!

Here is the full 300+ page document in PDF format for you to download.


The Art of Dirty Bomb

Here at Splash Damage, we have been blessed by some of the most incredible artists in the videogame industry. Some of the people who contributed to this project have gone on to work at other incredible studios and on amazing games, and we remain so proud of the work they did to get there.

This Art Book looks at many of the original concepts for Dirty Bomb; from maps and characters to weapons and vehicles. Here’s Lead Writer, Ed Stern:

Here is the Art Book read to download.

Original Soundtrack

There’s been a lot of update music over the years, but here’s something you haven’t heard in a long time. Here are the first three tracks of original Dirty Bomb music, used in the game’s first teaser trailer.

You can download the tracks here.


We hope you enjoy this deep dive in Dirty Bomb design. This has been an enormous task for so many people at the studio, so please share with us your fondest Dirty Bomb memories on our social channels, and check out our ArtStation for more unreleased Dirty Bomb artwork.

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