The Bushwhacker Update

April 9, 2015

Inviting friends, a new Merc, Balance fixes and UI Updates. All this and more to come in the latest Patch Update.

Meet Bushwhacker

Bushwhacker is joining our merry band of playable Mercs, and he’s not afraid to wear a hat at all times. Better yet, Bushwhacker can set up an automated machine gun turret right on the battlefield, providing a handy portion of additional firepower. Much like Proxy, Bushwhacker is also great at tackling objectives, and you can customise him with a variety of SMGs and augments by collecting his Loadout Cards.

Hot-joining Friends

One of the most requested features has been to make playing with friends easy and convenient. We couldn’t agree more! The first round of improvements arrives with this update, adding two ways to link up with friends

Joining Friends’ Games

If your friend is playing a Casual Match in Dirty Bomb (via Quick Match or the Server Browser), and that match has open slots, you can now join them directly through the Steam friends list. To do this, open up the Steam friends list, right-click on your friend’s name, and select Join Game.

Sending Invites

This one’s handy if you’re the one playing and your match has open slots. Just bring up the Steam overlay, right-click the friend you want to invite to your game, and select Send Invite. If they accept, they’ll end up right on your server. Easy!

Equipping Loadouts outside of Lobbies

Dirty Bomb’s Loadout Cards have received a ton of feedback (keep it coming!), and with this update we’re making it easier to equip them. Whereas before you could only select them in the pre-match lobby, you can now fully customise your squad in the Mercs tab. To do that, drag the Mercs you want to use up into the Current Squad widget, and select their Loadout Cards when prompted.

For the full rundown aof the latest patch, check it out on the forum here!