Stroyent-powered ETQW Gaming Desktops and Laptops on Sale Now

August 22, 2008

GameRigsFor those wanting to frag in style, the gaming system gurus at GameRigs have launched a brand-new line of gaming desktops and laptops based on Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. Clad in custom game artwork, the systems boast top-of-the-line components supplied by NVIDIA, Intel, and Crucial.

But rather than just slapping a game logo on a case, the guys also include ETQW mousepads and the official strategy guide with each of the systems, and even pre-install a copy of the game, so you can hop straight into the action when you get your new PC. Best of all, you can get $300 off for a limited time by using the coupon code QUAKECON08.

And finally, if you’re a console gamer yearning for some ETQW goodness, GameRigs also has you covered with these rather pretty Xbox 360 and PS3 skins.