Sponsor SD Staff Tackling ‘Tough Mudder’ for Charity SpecialEffect!

June 5, 2013

Tough Mudder events are challenging. Let’s face it, if an obstacle course is designed by Special Forces to be as testing as possible, it’s probably not the easiest thing in the world to get through. Completely ignoring rumblings of ice-filled swimming pools, mud-filled pipes, electroshocks, trench warfare, and, of course, The Gauntlet, we decided to have a go in the name of our charity of choice, SpecialEffect.

If you haven’t heard of SpecialEffect before, it’s a wonderful organisation that works to make gaming accessible to people with disability, often children who’d never been able to experience a video game. We previously ran lots in the British 10K in SpecialEffect’s name, and our own Paul Wedgwood also serves as Vice President of the charity.

So, this Tough Mudder thing. Nine of us are taking on the South England event this weekend, and you can support their effort by sponsoring them. Just head to our JustGiving page, pick your favourite Splasher out of the bunch, and make your donation. All proceeds go to SpecialEffect so they can continue their great work and bring games to more disabled children.

Good luck this weekend, MudSplashers, and a big huge thanks to those becoming sponsors!