Splashtagged: Deus Ex Made Us, Dave on Dust, and More

July 30, 2010

Welcome to a new (and possibly even recurring) blog feature where we shamelessly plug stuff featuring Those That Work Here, even if it’s not directly related to Splash Damage or our games.

We start our journey in the corner of the internet casually referred to as Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which has been celebrating the 10th anniversary of Deus Ex with a series of articles. Titled “Deus Ex Made Me”, each of them features designers and writers from all over the games industry sharing what impact Deus Ex had on them and their careers. Among the folks reminiscing are Ed ‘Bongoboy’ Stern, Lead Writer, and Aubrey ‘Bezzy’ Hesselgren, our Technical Game Designer, both of whom have very fond memories of JC Denton’s exploits.

Elsewhere, PC Gamer’s recently-relaunched site offers up a series of interviews aptly titled Community Heroes, spotlighting influential modders and mappers from over the years. Among them is our very Dave ‘dust ducks’ Johnston, the man and machine behind the hugely popular de_dust level for Counter-Strike. The piece is a great read, and on top of that has that New Website Smell all over it, so you really can’t lose.

In a conspicuously well-timed move, zee Germans at PC Games magazine asked their readers to vote on what they think is the best multiplayer map ever made. Mr Johnston’s de_dust2 took the crown with a respectable 21%. Congrats Dave!

Have you seen any other Splash Damage-induced shenanigans around the web? Post it up in the comments!