Splash plays Gears 5

June 21, 2021

If you joined us for our special Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory stream or any of our Outcasters streams, you’ll know that we love getting the chance to hang out, play some games and chat with you all.

That’s why we’re putting together another special one-off stream over on Twitch with special guests and a little extra treat for you all!

So, clear those schedules, set those reminders and come with us to Sera for…

Splash Damage Plays Gears 5!

When? 30th June, 8pm BST

Where? twitch.tv/splashdamage

What? For two hours, we’ll be jumping into two of Gears 5’s multiplayer modes: Escape and competitive PvP. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a chance to play against us when we jump into the PvP side?

Who? Community Manager Sarah will be joined by two of the Splash team: Jon Murphy and Alex ‘Frew’ Frewin. Jon was Lead Technical Artist on our mutiplayer maps for Gears 5 and was responsible for making sure all the maps could maintain 60FPS, and Frew worked as a Senior Production Tester before shifting to an Associate Producer role but also covers Gears esports tournaments as a shoutcaster. You may have heard him on pretty much all the official competitions over in here in Europe or some of the pre-lockdown Majors in Boston, San Diego and Mexico City.

Both are huge Gears Of War fans so they’ll be showing off their skills, chatting about their time working on the game and answering your questions live!

And, if our Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory stream was anything to go by, you never know who else might be popping in to the chat…

Why? Splash Damage has worked with The Coalition on a number of Gears Of War games, including Gears 5. We helped create many of the maps that you battle across on both the Escape and multiplayer modes and thought what better way to celebrate our work than spending the evening chatting and playing with our community?

And that’s not all! Our friends over at Insert Coin Clothing have recently launched a fantastic Gears Of War collection and kindly given us a special discount code and a £50 voucher to give away, so make sure you tune in to grab the code and enter the giveaway.

We hope to see a lot of you join us for the stream, and be sure to give us a follow over on Twitch to get notified when we go live. If you’ve got questions for either Jon or Frew that you’d love to see answered on the stream, let us know over on Facebook, Twitter or Discord, and we’ll see you on the 30th!