Splash Damage To Un-Endanger Tapirs with Tip Tap Tapir

April 1, 2012

Here at Splash Damage we’ve often made use of the noble Tapir. Our previous games have used, some say leveraged, some would allege exploited, the Tapir IP to the very limits of decency and beyond. Well, that time has gone. This time, we’re deadly serious. Tapirs are, unfortunately, in peril: the days of the magnificent Megatapirus augustus are, alas, behind us, both the Brazilian and Malayan species are classified as vulnerable, and the Baird’s Tapir and Mountain Tapir are outright endangered.

We want more Tapirs. That means more Tapir babies. And the only way we know, despite strenuous experimentation on our part, to get more Tapir babies is to have more Tapir hook-ups. So to that noble end we are FEARSOMELY proud to announce


The first ever, best, awesomest Perissodactyl Dating Sim EVARH! You’ll give a Flehmen response!

To find out all about Tip Tap Tapir and its humongously innovative companion app, SNORTLR™, don’t delay and check out the Tap Tap Tapir mini-site right now. Get repopulating!