Splash Damage to mentor Make Something Unreal Finalist

December 12, 2012

Epic Games has revealed the finalists of the Make Something Unreal Live 2013 game development contest, and we’re pleased to reveal that Splash Damage has been chosen to mentor one of the teams for the final stage of the competition. We’ll be working with Dead Shark Triplepunch, arguably one of the best names of all time. Dead Shark Triplepunch are one of just four teams that made it to this stage of the contest with their entry “Loch Ness”, a fast-paced arena-based combat game.

Here’s a description of Loch Ness courtesy of PC Games N where you can also find out more about the rest of the finalists:

Loch Ness is a futuristic arena sports game in the mold of Speedball – but with many, many more bounce pads. The idea is that two teams of five face off across a pit. A ball drops into the centre, and each team has to use pads, and their only weapon, an air projectile that can puff opponents into the abyss (or, if you’re smart, push the ball very, very fast).

The genetic twist comes from what happens when you score: a seed is dropped into the arena that can be planted. Further seeds can be used to add or suppress traits within the plants – allowing you to craft and eventually personalise the plants on your side of the arena.

While we won’t be working directly on Dead Shark Triplepunch’s entry, we’ll be offering advice and general guidance to help them improve Loch Ness ahead of the face-to-face stage of the competition at the Gadget Show Live in April 2013.

You can follow the progress of MSUL 2013 on its official Facebook page and there’ll be video footage from the presentation day on the Unreal Engine YouTube channel.