Splash Damage salutes World Tapir Day

April 27, 2009

Dear friends, Happiness Huzzah and Jubilation for once again it is World Tapir Day. Enjoy and celebrate these best 24 hours of the year, dedicated as they are to raising public awareness of these magnificent beasts and their plight. Cute, Polite and Fascinating though they be, alas every species of Tapir is endangered, and some very splendid people are working very hard to ensure that future generations will be able to marvel at the Tapirs and Their Works.

Tapir Day!As you may and should and must know, here at Splash Damage we hold the Tapir in very high regard. Not only are they simply awesome animals (and very good company), the Tapirs have graciously agreed to be our mascot and we in return gain immeasurably by being associated with them.

Splash Damage are delighted to be sponsoring a GPS Tapir-tracking collar for SaveTapirs.org. Go check out their website, if you can make even a modest contribution, the Tapirs (and we) shall love you for it.

Should you have the good fortune to be anywhere even vaguely near to Malaysia, the Zoo Negara is celebrating World Tapir Day with an exhibition and to facilitate your journey thereto, are arranging a Tapir Convoy. Say it out loud, read it slow: “TAPIR CONVOY”. Awesome.

STOP PRESS! With the perfect sense of timing for which the Tapir is globally renowned and respected, Tara at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm here in the UK has very recently given birth, giving World Tapir Day even more to trumpet about!

Ooh, look, LOOK!

And here’s the proud mother and bonny calf live and in real time, snortling happily.

Our congratulations to them both, and to all Tapirs for being so awesome and hanging in there, and to everyone associated with World Tapir Day.