Splash Damage joins the Tencent family

December 23, 2020

Tencent is buying our parent company Leyou.

What does that mean for Splash Damage? It means we’re excited for what’s next! 
2020 has been a huge year for us as we near our 20th anniversary, with both the launch of Gears Tactics on PC & Xbox, and Outcasters on Stadia, along with our continued work to help support Gears 5’s multiplayer with its “Operation” updates. These games are only what we’re able to talk to you about right now, and we have so much going on at the studio that we can’t wait to lift the lid on (check out our Careers page – we’re growing!)

Our acquisition will allow Splash Damage to operate as an independent entity within the Tencent family, while we get to leverage their expertise to allow us to build even greater games as we move into our third decade. We will have much more to say about all this next year. 
For now, check out what our Co-Founder and CEO Richard Jolly had to say about the acquisition: 

We’ve always been dedicated to creating team-based games that spark friendships and build passionate communities, and we strive to work with partners who believe in that mission. 

In our many discussions with Tencent, it became clear that they not only believe in that mission but will do everything they can to enable and empower us to realise it. 

This is going to be a bold new phase for our studio, with an amazing line-up of ambitious games that deliver on what Splash Damage is all about. We couldn’t be more excited.” 
— Richard Jolly, Co-Founder and CEO, Splash Damage 

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