Splash Damage Explodes with Talent

October 15, 2008

We’re delighted to announce that several more of what we refer to internally as Awesome Guys have joined the team here at Splash Damage. Among them are Dean ‘Deano’ Calver (Heavenly Sword, Silent Hill 2) as Lead Programmer, Fabio ‘pappagheno’ Bonvicini (Black, Harry Potter) as Animation Technical Director, Mattias ‘dof’ Engström (World in Conflict) as Senior Technical Designer, Oliver ‘Kensai’ Jauncey (Mass Effect, Timesplitters 2) as Senior Programmer, and Mark ‘static_mover’ Lack (Heavenly Sword) as Senior Environment Artist. Check out the official press release for all the details along with punchy quotes and a complimentary pun.

In completely and utterly related news, we have several more positions we’re looking to fill – sail over to the Jobs section for those.