Splash Damage celebrate World Tapir Day

April 27, 2016

Many moons ago you chose the tapir as our mascot. And what a fine beast to adopt! Sadly, these majestic critters roam in threatened habitats such as the jungle regions of South and Central America, leaving them endangered.

World Tapir Day is being celebrated in a manner of handsome ways across the globe today, and we’re getting involved. On Friday we’ll all be wearing sharp suits and bringing in donations for the World Land Trust – A charity dedicated to protecting threatened habitats and endangered species. With this inspirational poster dotted around the studio, there’s already chatter about how to achieve the ultimate dapper look.

Splash Damage Dress Smart for Tapirs

For a look at what’s in store, check out this throwback to the last time we were adulting at work.

Splash Damage Dress Smart for Tapirs Gentlemen

For those that have recently joined our community, we hope this explains why these oddly shaped creatures show up in wild social posts or snuffle around our Dirty Bomb maps.

Slight tangent, but have you found them all?

Splash Damage Dress Tapir Easter Egg Dirty Bomb

If you’d like to participate head over to the World Land Trust to make a donation. Also be sure to check for tapir events happening near you throughout this important week!

Thanks for indulging us in our everlasting love for tapirs – we’re off to find an iron…