Splash Damage Announce New Title!

May 14, 2008

It’s been a while coming…

A lot of you have been pestering, cajoling and badgering us for details of our next project and previously we’ve just fobbed you off with some jokey response or stalled for time, assuring you that one day we’d announce the New Thing. Well, thank you for your patience. But you need be patient no longer, for that day has come.

Right here, right now, we’re delighted to announce details of our new game along with the first two pieces of concept art. We’re all very excited about this new chapter in SD’s development history. We think it’ll appeal equally to the PC FPS hardcore and the general console gaming public. I think you’ll agree, this is the game the industry has been waiting for. Expect a rash of similar copycat titles from other developers as their publishers make them run flailing and gnashing after our bandwagon while we gaze back at them, a hint of an amused smile playing on our lips as we rattle and sway away from them until all we can see is road and all they can see is their own dust.