Splash Damage All Over PC Zone UK June Issue

April 21, 2008

Those of you who like paper will be thrilled to learn that the June issue of PC Zone UK has a bunch of pretty cool Splash Damage-related content in it. First up, Pavel Barter investigates the state of the modding scene and asks whether or not it has become a mere shadow of its former glory. Several mod-teams-turned-game-developers share their pearls of wisdom and we couldn’t help but chip in as well. Better yet, the article also highlights four of Pavel’s favorite mods at the moment and we’re delighted to see that the promising Wheels of War mod for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is the first one in the list! We tip our proverbial hats to Domipheus and the gang over at the WOW garage and can’t wait to play the finished thing!

But that’s not all – in the back of the magazine you’ll find a nifty little piece titled Developer’s Commentary, a sort of retrospective look at Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. Splash Damage owner Paul Wedgwood and Media Director Richard Jolly talk about the inception of the game, the challenges the concept presented, working with id Software, and even some of the ideas that didn’t make the cut. The article is filled with neat anecdotes from during development and it’s a must read for any ETQW fan!