Sneak Peek: RAD Soldiers Balancing Changes

February 22, 2013

We’ve been keeping a close eye on your balancing feedback over the past few weeks, and we’ve also been monitoring how people are playing the game – what soldiers see combat, which ones usually stay home, and which ones have a hard time getting recruited in the first place.

We’ve put together a whole stack of balance changes to address a lot of what we have (or haven’t) seen since the game launched. We’re now play-testing these and will roll them out in the next update.

While these tweaks are still subject to change, we wanted to give you an early look at what we’ve got in mind so that you can see what’s coming and give us some early feedback.

  • Damage over Time attacks no longer stack – only the most recent DoT effect is applied
  • Reduced Energy cost of all melee attacks by 1
  • Reduced duration of Ghost ability to 2 turns

Captain Abilities

  • Less-Harma Pharma now reduces damage by 50% for 2 turns
  • Team Spirit ability now replenishes 50% of a unit’s AP points
  • Reduced Artillery from 5 to 3 uses
  • Reduced duration of Bee Bomb to 5 turns
  • Increased tick damage of Bee Bomb to 15

Archie Fletcher

  • Reduced Energy required to fire Explosive Crossbow to 5

Gus Marx

  • Reduced number of uses of the Sqhurter to 3

Juan DaCova

  • Reduced splash damage of Molotov to 2 tiles

Megan McNick

  • Increased throw range of mines to 2

Specialist Suds

  • Significantly increased C4’s damage
  • Significantly increased C4’s splash damage
  • Soldiers can now attack and destroy detected C4 charges

Textbook Kate

  • Reduced splash damage of Gas Grenade to 2 tiles
  • Increased Energy cost of Gas Grenade to 4

What do you think? Is there anything grossly unbalanced missing from this list that must be remedied?

We look forward to your feedback!